Opportunities present themselves all too infrequently. The Grove Aero Race Team is one of those opportunities that comes along that you just can’t ignore. For myself and the team – we are dedicated to making this project a reality. So if you want to be a part of what we hope to be the fastest biplane in the world then get in touch. We are seeking investors and primary sponsors to join us in this truly once in a lifetime opportunity.


Here’s a few words from those that are already supporting the project to whom we are indebted:

Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition for Aircraft Engines. The EFII system is a complete electronic engineEFII
management system for light aircraft engines.| Fly EFII,  Fly EFII


 Oregon Aero Inc, is leading the charge in aircraft interiors. Second to none in customer service and their ability to solve unique project briefs. Your #1 Choice for aircraft interiors bar none. We are excited to be a partner in our Reno Air Racing efforts.
The Ultimate in Seating Comfort™| Oregon Aero Inc.,  Oregon Aero

ACE_Performance_Logo_landscape Our passion for performance and recognition of the weak effort to advance engine design in aviation has prompted ACE-Performance to bring the many advances in technology to aviation. We believe that our advances in racing and quest for performance must be offered to the public experimental aviation community. Were excited to be developing the first ever Twin Turbo 540 with the Grove Aero team

grovegearGrove Aircraft Wheels and Brakes are synonomous with quality, performance and reliability. With our racer projects we don’t trust any other wheel or brake to slow us down!


MGLThe flexibility, power, and customization of MGL Avionics are exactly what we need to ensure we have all of our data points captured for reliable flight at speed of over 400mph!.

MGL Avionics

bonacoFor over 25 years Bonaco, Inc. has been providing services and products to a wide spectrum of sporting enthusiasts, whether they be running all out on the salt flats, burning fuel down a quarter mile, throwing up a rooster tail going down river or building their own airplane. In short we here at Bonaco are at our Customers disposal.

Bonaco Hoses

lord-corporation-logoLORD set the standard for elastomeric engine mounts more than 70 years ago by providing the first Dynafocal® engine mounts for aircraft. Today, LORD Mounts continue to provide superior performance and life at all levels of General Aviation. Millions of LORD mounts have been produced, sold into the market place and flown by operators all over the world.


acs_logo“Aircraft Spruce & Specialty is celebrating 50 years of carrying everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices. Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilts including the Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster and Europa, as well as factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney. For airplane parts and pilot supplies, Aircraft Spruce is the leading aviation supply house in the world. Shop with Aircraft Spruce for all your aviation needs!


“This will be the fourth year that we have supported The Drag Racer team. They’re committed to going fast and improving every year, just like the E-Z UP brand”. Mark Carter | Owner E-Z UP | ezup.com


VARIACOES_marcaufmg_cs3_03UFMG University is no stranger to aviation success. They have to date built 3 record breaking aircraft through their academic programs. ‘The Students gain invaluable experience and insight into real world projects that have to work’. Paulo Iscold, Professor | UFMG University

“I’m happy and excited to be a part of the project – Catto Propellors has been a long time supporter of Karl and the DragRacer team and we look forward to developing a race prop that will far exceed everyones imagination.”Craig Catto, Owner | CattoPropellors.com

bobbysAlpinestars develops world-class technical apparel and footwear for all forms of motorcycling, auto racing and action sports as well as offering a large range of stylish casual clothing. We appreciate your support | Alpinestar


INERGY_LOGO_BLACKWe had a clear set of criteria for these generators: we wanted to create a diverse line of generators that would fit specific needs in extremely small, lightweight packages while maintaining an affordable price point. | James Brainard, Solar Evangelist, inergy



Sky-Tec Logo BW NS NT‘You’ve been good to our brand. We appreciate the prominence of promotion’| Rich Chiappe, GM Sky-Tec Air,  Sky-Tec Air


CJA OVAL LOGO 2C J Aviation, Inc.  is a manufacturer, distributor and overhaul facility for fuel, smoke, and hydraulic pumps. With our expertise and quick turnaround you’ll pay less for superior work on everything from C J Aviation, Inc. fuel pumps to Weldon pumps!

bobbysBobby’s Aerosports, Redlands, CA. ‘This is our 4th year the Drag Racer team. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping and working with them and look forward to being able to help with the Boomerang Racer’. Bobby Graham, Owner | Bobby’s Aeroservices


bobbysThrough the years, Hooker Harness has become the most well known and respected producer of Aerobatic seatbelts and shoulder harnesses. The aviation background in harness production provided the foundation for Hooker Harnesses emergence into the racing industry.

Superior Air Parts_2cBest of luck in your racing efforts. Superior Air Parts | Timothy Archer. Superior Air Parts, Inc. – The world’s largest aftermarket piston aircraft parts manufacturer.

softiePara-Phernalia, Inc. has designed and manufactured the SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes since 1979. Our emergency parachutes are known world wide for being the highest quality, most comfortable, and reliable emergency parachutes available.