Boomerang Spec

It’s still early in the design stages of Boomernag but the info below gives you some basic secifications to which we are building too. We also don’t want to give to much away at this early stage in the game either. We’re currently in the 3D stages of design with most of the design concepts now in Studio Works. Once all of the aerodynamics/flutter analysis are complete wind tunnel testing will begin. From there and as long as all of the designs are proven in these initial testing areas… CNC mold production will commence. 

Engine Lycoming 0-360 HP
Propeller Catto Propellors 3-Blade
Gross Weight TBD
Empty Weight TBD
Useful Load TBD
Fuel Capacity 120 pounds (20 US gallons)
Oil Capacity 15 pounds (8 quarts)
Length 19.8 feet
Wing Span 20 feet
Wing Area TBD sq. feet
Seats 1
Top Speed TBD mph
Max Cruise TBD mph
Stall Speed TBD mph
Rate of Climb TBD fpm
Rate of Rolll TBD deg/sec
Range ± 200 miles
PERFORMANCE | STATS We’re just not sure – but they’ll be impressive!
TESTING | PARAMETERS To be determined in early 2014.