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Tosten Grips and Grove Aero

gripThis last week saw Grove Aero and Tosten Grips partner for the 2016 Race Season and Super Legacy build! “They’re products are second to none with the highest quality I’ve seen – the grip is crucial to the feel and your ability to fly an aircraft well – it’s whats ultimately bonds you to the experience” said Karl Grove, Owner and Race Pilot.

Oregon Aero and the Office!

Blackwingslogo_over_3inches We’re extremely happy to have Oregon Aero on board. Oregon Aero supplies and creates only the finest quality of aircraft interiors in the world today. Don’t take our word for it – just take a look at our panel and interior!  See it NOW…

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The A-Team… certainly in my book anyway. We have assembled some of the finest individuals in aviation to ensure that this project migrates from theory to reality!

Paulo Iscold | UFMG Boomerang Technical Engineer

Paulo Iscold | UFMG Boomerang Technical Engineer

Paulo Iscold | Engineer and Professor at the UMFG & Students – not sure where to start with Paulo. He’s truly the one responsible and catalyst to the Boomerang Racer project taking form. With his many skills and experiences Paulo really is the ace up our sleeves. From his accomplishments as a professor at the UFMG University in Brazil and academic achievements of his student legacies to working with various Red Bull Air Race pilots his vast experience is priceless. Here’s just some of the projects that Paulo has worked on, CEA-308 / CEA-309 /  Anequim


Bobby Graham | Bobby's Aero Services, Redlands, CA

Bobby Graham | Bobby’s Aero Services, Redlands, CA


Bobby Graham| Bobby’s Aeroservices – Bobby is no stranger to aviation and has been around GA for a long time and owns a respectable aeroservices shop in Redlands, CA. In his early days Bobby drag raced motorcycles and also has a keen interest in both cars, motorcycles and of course aircraft. Bobby also happens to be the Biplane Tech Inspector for the  NCAR Biplane Class – so with Bobby on the team we’ll always be best advised on what is safe and acceptable in our design and development of the Boomerang Racer.


Craig Catto | Catto Propellors

Craig Catto | Catto Propellors


Craig Catto | Catto Propellors –  is a progressive leader in propeller technology. With more than six world records set in speed, time to climb, altitude and short field takeoff, Catto Propellers offers an array of modern propeller technology. Owned and operated by Craig, he has been designing propellers since 1974. With a competitive mindset he is continuously refining design for higher performance. He is passionate about designing and building this art form.


Mel & Noah | Team Morale

Mel & Noah | Team Morale


Melanie and Noah Grove | Team Morale –  Probably one of the toughest roles in the team… being married to the pilot. No one has it tougher. Racing wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of a family such as this.

legacypaintGrove Aero is a Multi Aircraft Air Racing team which competes in the National Championship Air Races, Reno, NV. Dedicated to the pursuit of aviation, air racing and the development of a number of new and exciting racing aircraft.

Drag Racer – a Pits S1C Biplane.
Legacy Racer – all Carbon Fiber Super Legacy. To be kitted out with the new Titan 540R and Twin Turbo’s!
Boomerang Racer – A NEW GENERATION OF AIR RACE BIPLANE RARA – Official Biplane Sport Air Race Team.

“This will be the third year that we have supported The Drag Racer team. They’re committed to going fast and improving every year, just like the E-Z UP brand”. Mark Carter | Owner E-Z UP |